Public Philosophy

I believe that everyone is at least a little bit of a philosopher.  Sure, not everyone dresses up their thoughts in technical language, but everyone has beliefs about what is ethical to do, or what exists in the universe, or what happiness is.  Thus I believe it is important to engage people in philosophical conversation outside the boundaries of academia; that is my commitment to public philosophy.


Are you allowed to augment my reality?

  • LSE Business Review, August 22, 2019

Bodies printed on demand

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Ethically, must game designers respond to all player requests?

  • The Conversation, July 20, 2016


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Public Outreach at Science Fiction Conventions

Presentation, “Choose Your Own Morality: Using Video Games to Promote Moral Reflection”: MARCON, May 2018

Panelist, “Is Gaming Addiction Real?”: Windycon, November 2017

Presentation, “No Player is Ideal: Why Video Game Designers Cannot Ethically Ignore Players’ Real-World Identities”: MARCON, May 2017

Presentation, “Video Games, Power, and Social Responsibility”: MARCON, May 2017

Panelist, “Empowering Women to be Comfortable in Gaming”: MARCON, May 2015

Panelist, “Girls & Gaming”: MARCON, May 2015

Panelist, “Visions of Freedom in a Science Fiction Future”: MARCON, May 2015

Chair and Panelist, “Explore the Philosophical Side of Science Fiction”: Chicon 7, August 2012

Panelist, “The Role of Science Fiction for Teaching Critical Thinking”: Chicon 7, August 2012

Chair and Panelist, “Ethics and Video Games”: MARCON, April 2012

Chair and Panelist, “The Nature of Consciousness”: Confluence, July 2006